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Welcome to the Falcon Gt Nationals 2025! 

1985 was a great year, compact discs were introduced, the movie Breakfast club was in cinemas, Essendon scored 170 points to win the Grand Final against Hawthorn and the Xf Falcon was the mainstay for Ford Australia.
Around this time several individuals who were Ford Falcon G.T enthusiasts decided to collaborate and hold an event to celebrate all things Ford Falcon G.T. 

The Falcon G.T nationals were held in the car park of the Southland shopping centre in the suburb of Cheltenham Victoria, less than 80 cars were present the day of the event and as a result of this (and being well acknowledged by the then Falcon G.T fraternity) The Falcon G.T Nationals event was born and has been hosted every two years by varying G.T Clubs from all over Australia ever since. 

Fast forward to 2023 and at the recent 19th Bathurst Falcon G.T Nationals held in Bathurst N.S.W the event has become a true concours car show, there were more than 400 cars entered with individuals driving their cars from every corner of the country to be part of this now biannual event. The 2025 Falcon GT Nationals will be the 20th Nationals held and are proudly being hosted by The Falcon G.T Club of Victoria. This will also mark the 40th year since the inception of the event. The club has proudly partnered up with MOVE (Museum of Motoring Evolution) in the picturesque rural town of Shepparton Victoria, just 2hrs drive north up the Hume Hwy from the Melbourne CBD. The Shepparton city council has joined forces with us and have provided invaluable access into local businesses that will be providing accommodation and 3rd party providers over the four day event, also tapping into a variety of local and regional business’s so we can give back to this region post Covid which hit these county areas the hardest over the past few years. 

“MOVE” is a state of the art automotive museum which provides plenty of indoor and outdoor facilities for this landmark event. The Falcon G.T Club of Victoria has a focus on providing a venue which has a family friendly atmosphere and state of the art facilities, all this plus a concours event that show cases every Falcon GT model from the 1967 XR G.T to the last Ford produced 2014 FG GTF and is guaranteed be an unforgettable experience for all that attend.

We hope to see all of you at this massive not to be missed event.

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