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Conditions of Entry

The National Association of Falcon GT Clubs Inc. Sets out the detailed Judging Guidelines and Sheets which can be found at the following link: All vehicles entered into the GT Nationals must be submitted for inspection, entrant number processing, prejudging and photography nominated scrutineering / prejudging day/s. 


An Owner can choose to not participate in final judging on the entry form, which will preclude the entry from Silver certificate or any other judged award participation. (Non-judged awards are Distance travelled/Hard luck). If the vehicle presented is late or does not match the completed vehicle details on the entry form it will be deemed not for judging. Vehicles found at inspection to not be genuine GT's or to have issues which may affect the authenticity of a vehicle as being a genuine GT, which cannot be verified in the time available to the satisfaction of the judging team, will be deemed associate vehicles or not for judging. Modern Era vehicles less than 15 years/15,000 km and less than 1000km/year since build date are Platinum Class and not eligible to compete for the Grand Tourer Trophy.



    • This is the description from the Ford GT model number on the ID plate (including sub-category) or Associate e.g. XA GT​

    • Hardtop (RPO 83); XY GTHO Sedan BF2 GTP Sedan​​

  • VIN

    • The JG33/JG66/6FPAAAJG identification number of the vehicle​


    • The LD/GE/GF/GL/FPV engine or chassis number if different to the VIN​


    • The primary vehicle colour from the id plate and actual colour if different to the factory colour​


    • All Nationals entrants require a legal registration number, if they are to be driven on public roads. ​


  • OU

    • Original Unrestored - vehicle has predominantly original factory paint over the whole car

  • OM

    • Original Maintained - vehicle has had an external only respray. E.g. Engine bay, boot, undercarriage are original paint

  • OR

    • Original Restored - vehicle has had a major rebuild/restoration, full respray or re-trim

  • OC

    • Original Contemporary – Older restored cars with period correct accessories.

  • MC

    • Modern Contemporary – Modern Era GT Falcons with minimum 4 changes along a theme

  • MP

    • Modern Platinum - Modern Era GT Falcons with less than  1,000km per year since the date of manufacture up to 15 years. (Not eligible for Modern Grand Tourer Trophy)

  • MM

    • Modified - vehicle has significant engineering/structural modifications from original factory specification

  • SP

    • Special Interest and Associate vehicles

  • NJ

    • Not for Judging

NB: Vehicles will be judged accordingly to the owners classification so please request advice at pre-judging if you are unsure. Preliminary judging will determine vehicles for Silver (good or very good in the 6 overall scores) OR Gold (excellent or 75% of detailed score sheet total) Only Gold and Platinum class entries are eligible for a trophy. 


  • $500 Premium Indoors

  • $351 Undercover Outdoors

  • $230 Outdoors and Affiliates

  • $150 Non-Car Display Entry


  • Premium indoors $500

  • Standard Entry Fee is $230 per vehicle. See cancellation policy for information on refunds. Premium and above, contact organiser for pricing.

  • Double entries receive only one (1) Entrant Shirt and one (1) Goodies Bag.

  • Anyone wishing to enter 3 or more cars please contact the organisers before you enter. 


  • ALL Classic Era vehicles MUST be presented to Pre Judging on either Thursday or Friday before the event TBC

  • Modern Era vehicles are to be presented on Thursday for Pre Judging TBC

  • Entrant windscreen stickers, Goodie bags and entrant shirts will be available at the Registration Desk and MUST be collected prior to Pre Judging


  • All vehicles are entered and displayed at owners risk

  • It is incumbent on the owner to ensure their vehicle is correctly insured to cover Car Shows, Cruises and participating in the GT Nationals out of your home state

  • Public Liability Insurance held by the organisers and venues only covers situations where the organisers or venue owners are found to be negligent in their duties




  • The concourse is an ACHOHOL FREE family event

  • At ALL other times alcohol is only to be consumed on licensed premises


  • Refunds for Entry Fees will only be made for requests prior to 31st December 2024 COB

  • There will be no refund for cancellations of Entry after this date as orders for merchandise, trophies etc. will have been placed and cannot be altered

  • Refunds for Function Tickets will only be made for requests received prior to 31st December 2024

  • There will be no refund for cancellations of Function Tickets after this date as orders will have been placed and cannot be altered

  • Organisers will endeavour to sell Function Tickets on your behalf, should there be a demand for them




  • Vehicles must be on display by 8.00am on Saturday and cannot be moved prior to 5.30pm.

  • Owners must take steps to ensure their vehicle does not leak oil or other fluids onto the floor by using the drip trays supplied.

  • Any costs incurred by the organisers for damage will be passed on to those responsible.

  • Vehicles with sponsor advertising will not be permitted. If you wish to promote your sponsors in any way then you will need to apply for a trade bay.

  • Entrant number must be clearly displayed on the passenger’s/driver’s side front windscreen and drivers side door  rear window.

  • Entrants are expected to behave in a responsible manner and are responsible for setting and clearing display sites; surcharges will be made if this is not done.

  • All trailers/ trucks and non-display vehicles must be parked in the designated areas.

  • Caterers will be available providing a range of fast food and drinks.

Enquiries - Contact us via the link

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